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Theses and Dissertations

Graduate students have the option of submitting their thesis or dissertation electronically or in paper. We strongly encourage submission electronically via the UMI ETD system, but we will continue to accept paper submissions. Students are responsible for submitting a manuscript that adheres to our manual for paper or electronic submissions. Degree candidates should carefully review all instructions and guidance on this website well in advance of the relevant submission deadline.

Special Collections and Archives staff review each manuscript for adherence to formatting standards and accept it upon approval. Provided a student has met all other requirements, this is the final step prior to being awarded the graduate degree. Congratulations!

ETD Consultation Request Form

Note: A pre-submission critique is available to all students who would like to have their formatting reviewed prior to meeting with their committee members. It is not a required step in the filing process.

If your committee members have already approved of your thesis/dissertation, please bypass the pre-submission critique and follow the electronic filing submission steps outlined in Section 6 of the manual. Once you have submitted your final manuscript through the electronic filing system, we will review your thesis/dissertation for formatting. If revisions are needed, we will reply with additional feedback. If the manuscript clears all formatting requirements, you will receive the final confirmation email from the University Archives.

You may not make any revisions to the submission once you receive the final confirmation email from the University Archives. Please make sure your committee members have signed all required forms and do not require any further revisions prior to your submission.

The quarterly workshop is conducted twice per quarter, except for summer session.  The workshop explains the requirements for submitting theses and dissertations. The workshop schedule is available here.